We define
A solution can only be found once the issue has been accurately identified. During this first stage, we define project goals in collaboration with the client, in order to design the best solutions to meet them. How? By determining what our clients really need.
We develop
We ensure that our time is suitably allocated to focus on both research and development. This allows us to create cutting-edge software and introduce innovations when current tools are not up to standard.
We test
Testing is a critical activity that ensures we’re heading in the right direction. Our key feature is that we also test future implementations, so that we can enhance our products even before they are fully developed.
We release
Each release is tested in a dedicated environment before its deployment into production and is guaranteed by rollback procedures. We adopt continuous integration and continuous development strategies, to ensure the constant enhancement of our software.
Everyone claims to be agile, but only a few truly are. Our results speak for themselves: We complete projects in half the time as traditional tech companies and we resolve 95% of the support tickets we receive within the same day.